Feanor Omega- vox, guitar
Mike Hell - bass, backing vox
Malthus Unholytoxicomaniac - drums

Sakrileg 2015

Past members

Almighty Isiul - live guitar (2015-2016)
morbid florist - guitar (2009-2014)
Tigris - drums (2009-2014)

Sakrileg Promo


2015-2016: With the help of Isiul (Groteskh/ex-Hellsaw) as live-guitarist Sakrileg has started to play several selected shows. Be prepared for Sakrileg 2.0!

2015: Malthus Unholytoxicomaniac has joined Sakrileg as new drummer.

2014: morbid_florist and Tigris have left the band.

2012: The self-titled debut album Sakrileg was released via Cursed Records and the band played a variety of shows through Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

2011: Sakrileg signed a contract with Cursed Records as the first band of their roster and has remained with the label ever since.

2010: Tigris completed the band as drummer and Sakrileg was born.

2009: Sakrileg was founded without drummer by Feanor Omega (vox & guitar), morbid_florist (guitar) and Mike Hell (bass).

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